Randy Lee

Having lived and worked on his parents’ Arizona cattle ranch, Randy Lee grew up knowing the value of a good hunting knife. He and his father were avid hunters and used knives not only for skinning deer and elk, but also for tools in the ranching business as well.

Randy was always looking for a knife that held a better edge, which led him to experiment with making his own from used saw blades and other steels. He became serious about his craft by 1979, learning his skills from local Arizona knife makers such as Bob Lofgreen and Ken McFall. In 1980, he attended his first knife show and since then knife making has become more than a hobby. Today his knives are highly regarded by the avid hunter as well as the international knife collector. Randy’s wife Sonja complements his knives with custom tooled sheaths that are hand-fitted to each knife.

Using quality materials, Randy produces one-of-a-kind knives that have won numerous awards over the past 30 years. His knives have been featured in various knife publications (including A. G. Russell™ catalogs) and can be admired in knife shops and collections around the country. He currently attends only four knife events per year including the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show in January, the Santa Barbara Knife Show every other April, the A. G. Russell Knife Event each July and the Arizona Knife Collectors Association show in Phoenix each Fall.

Randy Lee Sub-Hilt Fighter – Arizona Ironwood
Number: RLK-658AIW
Delivery: 3-4 Months
Randy Lee Clip Point Hunter - African Blackwood
Number: RLK-758ABW
Delivery: 3-4 Months
Randy Lee Drop Point Hunter - Alternate Ivory
Number: RLK-818AIV
Delivery: 3-4 Months
Randy Lee Drop Point Hunter - Spalted Maple
Number: RLK-834SPM
Delivery: 3-4 Months

Randy Lee Trailing Point Hunter - Black Ash Burl
Number: RLK-912BAB
Delivery: 3-4 Months