Welcome to cuttingedge.com

Through The Cutting Edge® and cuttingedge.com™, A. G. Russell™ Knives provides a unique service to knife owners who decide to sell knives they own or knife buyers looking for that special knife that is extremely popular or hard to find. We provide a place to sell or purchase the highest end handmade knives from either collectors or knifemakers. Our years of experience and long history with knives and extensive knowledge of knives and their values allows us to offer these antique and handmade knives at the value they are worth. We also provide a marketplace for factory knives, old and recently made, with starting retail price of $75.00 or more.


This catalog and website both work a little differently than most. 

  1. Since there is only one of each of these knives, we do not take orders online. You must call us with your order from either the website or the printed catalog. We do this to avoid “promising” the knife to more than one customer. 

  2. Most of these knives are owned by individuals. We sell them on consignment.

  3. The price of knives which do not sell are reduced about 10% each month on cuttingedge.com, or with each new book in The Cutting Edge® until they sell or the owner requests their return.

  4. Buyers have a 14 day preview period during which they can decide to keep the knife or not.

  5. Our guarantee is that each knife will be in the condition we have described, however a buyer may return any knife during that 14 day preview period for any reason, or no reason at all.

We add knives to cuttingedge.com monthly on the Wednesday nearest the 1st of the month. Prices are lowered on the Wednesday nearest the 15th of the month on all unsold knives except those just added at the beginning of that same month. The knives found on the website are mostly factory knives, some old and rare and some rather new.

The Cutting Edge®, a printed subscription catalog, is currently being mailed six times a year, January, March, May, July, September and November. Each catalog is filled with about 200 handmade and other high-end knives from all eras. Knives that do not sell in a particular catalog are carried forward to the next catalog with about a ten percent reduction in price.

For over forty-five years, The Cutting Edge® and cuttingedge.com™ have been the largest and most visible aftermarket for knives of all kinds. From 1968 until 1990s, A. G. Russell's List of Knives for Immediate Delivery (became The Cutting Edge® in 1990) was the ONLY place an individual could sell his knife collection without traveling to knife shows. The printed catalogs (The Cutting Edge®) offered the largest selection of pre-owned knives any place in the world.

In 2000 we launched cuttingedge.com, but spent most of our time on the printed book because a large percentage of the owners and buyers were not actively using the Internet. That has changed and we receive more and more requests to make knives available online and to send e-mail notifications when and where a PDF of the printed catalog is available online. We have just rebuilt the cuttingedge.com website. You will find that it is much more user friendly than the previous site. It has also been built for easy use with your tablet or smart phone.

A. G. and Goldie Russell